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This is the web platform of Paseo Project: New Creative Models to Experience the City, a program of the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Ars Electronica, in collaboration with the City Council of Zaragoza, which aims to be a vehicle to think and research about how union between art and technology can be a tool to inspire and shape new links between cities and their inhabitants.

This web platform serves as a repository for all the artistic projects included in the contest based on all the expository lines of the program:

• New ways of data visualization (in networks)

• Urban representation based on interactive models

• Video-mapping on public spaces

• Augmented Reality applied to the city

• New urban digital media

Around these topics, Paseo Project seeks innovative, ambitious or imaginative ideas, all of them referred to the city of Zaragoza as place and concept of intervention. Projects that may contribute to new visual and discursive approaches, or expand the current capacity of new media, to visualize and experience the city or turning urban spaces into active citizen participation frameworks.

In order to act as a “feeder” for the participants, this web platform offers two blocks of resources: a list of open data of the City Council and a set of 3D models of the main city buildings susceptible to create an artistic public intervention.

In any case, participants are free to implement their ideas on any aspect or physical space of the city they consider suitable for.

The web platform is part of a global project that began with a seminar last March 27th and 28th and it will end in a workshop next June 26th and 27th, where the highlighter projects will be presented and awarded.

The web platform also includes an open forum, in which a monitoring group, formed by several of the experts, who participated at the March’s panel, will address any queries or comments raised by the participants. The topics of this forum are the ones of the program.

Likewise, the web platform is also open to the public. Any person will be able to point out opinions and rate the projects. The aim is to engage an online debate to deepen into the topics of the seminar.

For further information about the topics of the contest you can drop in the Paseo Project Seminar section and audio and video files of the platform.