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Title: En el rio (In the River)

Authors: Manuela Garretón (Chile) , Michell J. Cardona (Estados Unidos)  y Merche Blasco (España)

Synopsis: Three twitter platforms in three of the bridges of the city. The tweets will be projected on the suface of the river and follow down the stream.

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Title: Etoys Zaragoza

Author: Teresa Benito and Antonio Casas (Spain)

Synopsis: This project tries to generate a series of projects or interactive simulations based on Etoys with the experiences and urban data of the city of Zaragoza that allow, in a pleasant and funny way, to experiment and to apprehend the public space for kids.

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Title: Gatherings

Authors: Ximena Alarcón (Colombia) and artist and programmer Joe Turner

Synopsis: A virtual environment that brings together sound produced and recorded by Zaragozans at their gatherings. It will explore how the intersections of these gatherings inform the aural cultural of the city.

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Título: [i-metro]: information commons

Autor: T.F. Tierney (Estados Unidos)

Sinopsis: An interactive information portal to be situated within metro stations, provides free locative and comprehensive travel-related information in realtime.

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Title: Immersive

Author: Juan Manuel Liroz Mellado (Spain)

Synopsis: A website with a geo-position map, an interactive 360º spherical video, a QR code and a map with GPS data.

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Title: Infinity II

Author: Heewon Lee (South Korea)

Synopsis: This artwork is an immersive space where the steady flow of a waterfall is meant for contemplation.

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Title: Open  Energy

Author: Fran Castillo  (Spain)

Synopsis: A new way of visualize energy consumption in order to optimize it either in the domestic realm or in an industrial field.

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Open Energy

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Title: Pasadizos secretos (Secrets Passages)

Authors: Olga Kisseleva (Rusia) and Julio Velasco (Colombia)

Synopsis: This project features as walk, a “paseo”, in the urban space where we can find some gates that lead to a passage. Each gate is formed by a glass cube with a message inside: a QR code that can be deciphered with a smart phones and give us access to a video.

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Artist’s web

Artist’s web




Title: Plant a Comment

Authors: Tal and Omer Golan (Israel)

Synopsis:  A 3D multidimensional virtual world, in which trees are made of texts.

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Plant a Comment

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Title: Rabbit God goes West

Author: Been (China)

Synopsis: A simple interactive gamified installation for the big screen in the public space. The public can use their smart phone to interact with the digital Rabbit God

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Title: 4 Reverberation

Author: Enteractive Studio (Taezoo Park, Howon Jung and Kangjun Seo). South Korea

Synopsis: A sound visualization based on the traditional Korean percussion instruments called “Samulnori”.

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Title: Re-Mapping

Authors: Enteractive Studio (Taezoo Park, Howon Jung and Kangjun Seo). South Korea

Synopsis: An interactive 3D Projection Mapping that reinterpretes the meaning of an sculpture and expressing feelings about it.

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