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Title: NoTours

Artist: Horacio González

Synopsis: The idea of this project is to celebrate the second Special Narratives edition in the city of Zaragoza. An encounter with artists from different fields to work along one week with No Tours and elaborate a series of sound geo-located narratives in the city.



Title: Reclaim

Artist: Volker Rommel

Synopsis: What Strategies can cities and the city councils use to be individual and unique? What faces will have cities in the future? What we like that we can feel us as a community? The strategy of Reclaim close like more as the trail to be a fair deal for cities and citizen to let occupy the public space inside a town for commercial use.



Títle: Re-Location

Artists: Henry Jesionka and Jorge San Miguel Bellod

Synopsis: Re-Location is a proposed multi-valent installation to be built in one of the trams that operate in the city of Zaragoza. At first glance, the installation will resemble an environment with many (10) images being projected into a darkened section of the tram. The installation will provocatively blur the line between ancient imaging technology and modern a modern system of using locational gps data to ‘edit’ a database of audio technologies. This will challenge viewers to reflect upon the contrast between the intimate, ‘natural’ presentation system based upon camera obscura and a contemporary system of digitized audio ‘composed’ algorithmically.



Title: Scriptopia

Artist: Sergio Galán

Synopsis: This projects propose an specific program environment and work with digital facades that allows users to develop the creation of contents for any kind of users. From a web site, users will have access to some special tools for visual programming to write, try and send software to use the Etopia LED facade.



Title: Time Frame Paseo

Artists: Elke Reinhuber & Sebastian Pelz:

Synopsis: Augmented Reality installation Time Frame can bring the good old times back to the original environment.



Title: United Colors of Dissent

Authors: Mahir M. Yavuz and Orkan Telhan

Synopsis: United Colors of Dissent is a data-driven performance designed for live public interaction using mobile phones and public displays. Participants collectively respond to a series of questions in their preferred language using a web-based voting interface running on their mobile phones. At every question, UCoD builds real-time graphics based on the answers and features them both on the phones and the displays.




Artist: Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermudez

Synopsis: This project creates a playful scene in the city, where the shadows of the citizens can be captured and display for a moment.



Title: Zaragoza

Artist: Asier Arpáis

Sinopsis: App that bring us closer to the history of the Roman city of  Zaragoza 2000 years ago.

Title: ZGZA City-Quantified Mood

Artists: Pablo Martínez Díaz, Mar Santamaría Varas y Jordi Bari Cordero

Synopsis: ZGZA City-Quantified Mood aims to bring Big Data and social networks to public Space in order to use them as catalyzers of urbanity. Thanks of an installation the project will be able to portray the feelings of the citizens of Zaragoza, making visible this information in real time.



Title: Zaragoza resists!

Artists: Alberto Ramón, Andrés Campos, Alfonso Miguel, Carlos Palacín, Silvia de la Fuente

Synopsis: This is a video game for android platform that recreate the Battle of Los Sitios against the French troops in Zaragoza in the years 1808 and 1809.


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