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Paseo Project 2013 finalits


On Friday September 20th , a committee formed by José Carlos Arnal, Director of the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation; Mariano Salvador, Coordinator of Paseo Project; Horst Hörnet, Director of Future Lab in the Ars Electronica Center; Carlota Santabárbara, art curator; Juan Pradas, Digital Mille – Zaragoza City Council; and Javier Galán, art curator; gathered together and discussed about all the projects submitted for the second edition of the contest: Paseo Project: New Creative Models to Experience the City.

The committee underscored the great quality of all the submitted projects as well their diversity about the topics that deals creativity, technology and new media within urban contexts. But finally, decided the six projects whose authors will defend before a jury next October 14th

These are:

– CTC 2.0 by Lorenzo Sanjuan

– From the Vitrine by Juanjo Palacios y Edu Comellas

– Design Your City by Imbal Cohen, Julian García y Nitsan Hoorgin

– eTopic Insight by Arstic

– United Colors of Dissent by Mahir M. Yavuz y Orkan Telhan

– [urbano][crono][photo][graphie] by Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermudez

Congratulations to all of them and we deeply encourage the rest of the participants to keep working on new projects and submit them in the next contest edition.



September 23 , 2013

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