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Projects Contest: “Do You Want to Play?”

Published on June 7, 2012 by in Uncategorized

From Brasil, Raquel Kogan sends to Paseo Project contest an interactive urban game: Do You Want to Play?

The project questions how do machines perform in the process of man / man interaction. What happens when the interactor immerges in the space of an interactive work, and when this space is enlarged into an urban area? What control does the work have on the interactor? What control does the interactor have on the work?

Do You Want to Play? is a game in which much, little or nothing can happen. The happening is the encounter or simply the recognition of sharing a casual experience with one or more players in the same space. This project is a game of casual encounters; and, maybe, non-casual non-encounters.The interactor need only have the desire to participate in the game, enroll and receive his identification.

The viability of this project depends on the participants using an interactive badge that extends to a 50m radius. This badge contains the mechanism to flash, beep, stand-by, battery, a LED visor where the number and text of the other player in the vicinity is registered and a connection with computer.





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