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Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Ars Electronica, with the collaboration of Zaragoza City Council, are calling the second Paseo Project : new creative models to experience the city competition (April 5th – September 15th , 2013), in order to reward and produce the most remarkable project that addresses creativity applied to urban environments, based on a link with art and new technologies.

Projects received between April 5th  and September 15th that address the connection between art, technology and the new digital means, and which seek to develop new creative experiences with which to “experience” the city will be accepted.

More specifically, the competition seeks projects by local, national and international creators that will provide new ways of improving the urban space, of increasing the citizens’ experience with their closest environment, of developing and increasing the feeling of community in the 21st century city. Works with a more artistic vocation or with a more practical purpose, but carried out through an original, imaginative and surprising use of the new digital creation tools. Projects that contemplate how art and technology can become a tool to inspire and model new links between the city and its inhabitants; in short, of creatively experiencing the city.

Themed lines

As a departure point, the projects presented to the Paseo Project competition may fall into any one of several themed lines:

–               New ways of urban data visualisation

–               Urban representation based on interactive models

–               Video mapping in public spaces

–               Augmented reality applied to the city

–               New urban digital media

–               Creative contents for large format urban screens

Based on these themed lines, or based on any other area that connects creation using new means to the city, Paseo Project is looking for the most innovative, ambitious or imaginative ideas that address the connection between art and technology linked to the urban space. Projects that provide new aesthetic and discursive approaches or increase the current capacity of the new means to visualise and experience the city, or to reconvert urban spaces into active frames for citizen participation.

Zaragoza, space of intervention

Paseo Project does not exclude projects from the competition that have been conceived by and for other cities or places in the world and may be re-adapted by their authors to the reality of the city of Zaragoza. However, it places special emphasis on receiving original proposals, especially designed to be implemented in the city of Zaragoza, because after all, it will be the city of Zaragoza where the winning project must be materialised.

To this end, it places different creative interventions spaces at the disposal of the creators, all of them especially located in the area in the city known as Milla Digital (Digital Mile).

–       The Etopia Center for Art and Technology building and its dual digital facade (more than 600 m2 surface area with LED technology).

–        Water Theatre, also at the Etopia Center for Art and Technology.

–        Digital Water Pavilion, designed by Carlo Ratti.

–        Bridge Pavilion, designed by Zaha Hadid for Expo 2008.

–        Paseo del Agua. Delicias station


In order to provide the creators with facilities to implement their projects in such a way that they adapt as much as possible to the city of Zaragoza, Paseo Project offers creators a list of open data from the municipal network of Zaragoza (only in Spanish) for possible data visualisation projects, and files in .dwg format of the 3-D models of the Etopia Center for Art and Technology and Bridge Pavilion buildings, as possible spaces of action.

Furthermore, during the time the call is open, the Paseo Project organisation will be available to provide additional and supplementary information about any other specific theme of the city that creators may need to develop the projects they want to enter into the competition.

Registration details

Any person or group whose proposal is related to the themed lines of the programme mentioned above, and any other project that addresses the connection between art and digital technology linked to the urban space, may participate in the project competition.

Although it is not essential, those projects that refer to the city of Zaragoza as an intervention space will be positively evaluated.

Any project that has a commercial orientation (production of advertisements, link with specific brands, will be rejected by the organisation.

No person who is a member of the organisation or is directly linked to the programme and its collaborators may participate.

Registration of projects is free of charge.

Each person or group may present up to a maximum of three proposals. Each one will be presented individually.

How to register a project?

Each person or group must send a video explaining their proposal to the website www.paseoproject.eu, via a Youtube or Vimeo link, or any other specialised hosting service.

For foreign artists, the project presentation language in the video will be English. Spanish artists may supply their proposals both in Spanish and in English.

Together with the video link, each person or group must send:

–       Two or three images of the project with print quality (JPG, TIFF, 300 dpi)

–       A document in pdf format, which will include:

  • Synopsis of the project
  • Explanatory report that will develop the creative reasons of the project with greater conceptual depth.
  • A project execution plan (production time, number of people necessary, technical implications, etc.).
  • An approximate production budget (adapted to the project execution plan mentioned above).
  • Academic, artistic or professional profile of the participant.
  • Contact details (telephone e-mail, postal address)

Foreign artists will present the PDF document in English and the Spanish artists may present their proposals both in Spanish and in English.

All this information must be sent to the e-mail: concurso@paseoproject.eu

The deadline to register projects is September 15th, 2013

The title of the project and name(s) of the author(s) must appear in the subject of the message.

Registration of the project will be confirmed by an e-mail from the organisation.

The Paseo Project organisation reserves the right to admit or not to admit a project sent to competition after studying if it adapts to the nature and rules of the call.

Registration of a project on the website entails acceptance of the competition bases.

Projects registered in the call will be visible on the website: www.paseoproject.eu


To encourage participation and favour the knowledge by the creators of different technological tools applicable in urban environments, the Paseo Project 2013 organisation will hold one or several seminars/workshops to be determined, during the time the call is open. Information about these workshops will be announced on the website of the programme and of the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation website:www.fundacionzcc.org.  Creators participating in the workshops may enter the projects developed in them into the competition.

Selection of finalist and winning projects

The organisation, advised by a group of experts, will select a maximum of six finalist projects out of all the projects entered into the competition, which will be published on the website www.paseoproject.eu on September 23rd, 2013.

The creators of the finalist projects will be invited to participate in a project exhibition day before a jury at Etopia Center for Art and Technology of Zaragoza. The exhibition day will be held in the month of October 2013 on a date to be announced personally to the finalists sufficiently in advance.

Both the team of experts who will advise the organisation on the selection of the finalist projects, and the jury that will assess the finalist projects, will be announced on the competition website.

During the exhibition day, the authors of the finalist projects must justify the artistic value of each project, as well as defend its production feasibility, execution conditions, logistics implications and any other differentiating value that will guarantee its possible materialisation.

The presentation and defence of the project may be carried out face-to-face at Etopia Center for Art and Technology, or by video conference.


After the presentation of the finalist projects, the jury will award to prices

Paseo Project Grand Prize, consisting of:

–       Paseo Project Grand Prize trophy, designed by the artist Néstor Lizalde.

–       3000 Euro for the creator or creators

–       A maximum of 10,000 Euro for the production of the project in the city of Zaragoza during a period to be determined in 2014.

–       Stay of the creator or creators at the Etopia Center for Art and Technology Residence during the production of the project in 2014.

The winner of the Paseo Project Grand Prize undertakes to travel to the city of Zaragoza to personally receive the award at a ceremony that will be held before 31 December 2013. The travelling expenses to receive the prize will be earmarked as part of the project production estimate.

Any tax obligation, expenses or allowances other than the amounts indicated above will be the winner’s responsibility.

The Paseo Project organisation reserves the right to propose changes in the project production, without altering its artistic objectives and always with the approval of the artist, if this is deemed advisable.

Special Prize of the Paseo Project Jury, consisting of

–       Jury’s Special Prize trophy, designed by the artist Néstor Lizalde.

–       1500 euro for the creator or creators.

The Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation reserves the priority pre-emption right during the whole of 2014 to produce the winning project of the Jury’s Special Prize, if it deems this appropriate, within the framework of Etopia Center for Art and Technology activities for that same year.

The Paseo Project organisation reserves the right to modify the project registration deadline, as well as the date the winning project is announced and the presentation of the prizes if it deems this appropriate.

Exhibition and catalogue

Further to both Paseo Project prizes, the Paseo Project organisation undertakes to hold an information exhibition with all the projects entered into the competition as one of the activities within the Etopia Center for Arts and Technology programme for 2014.

The organisation will publish a catalogue with all the projects entered into the competition, which will be sent to all the artists throughout 2014. (Please, make sure there is a postal address in the submitted materials, otherwise the organization will not send the catalogue to the artist).


The Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Ars Electronica wish to disseminate the Paseo Project programme to the broadest possible audience.

In this sense, the authors of the projects grant the non-exclusive rights of their works and audiovisual materials presented to the competition organisers (Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, Ars Electronica and Etopia Center for Art and Technology), for them to prepare any promotion material with the following purposes:

–       To publicise the competition in printed format, television, radio or the Internet.

–       To create any material whose aim is to disseminate the competition.

–       To exhibit it on the web pages of Paseo Project, Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Etopia Center for Art and Technology, and any content website or social media that these institutions may use in the future to disseminate their activities.

The organisers of the competition undertake to use the work presented only for the purposes indicated above for the time they deem appropriate. Any commercial use of such projects is forbidden. The authors whose works appear in those materials will be clearly identified in credits.

All the artistic and commercial rights are reserved for the artists.

Participants must obtain all the licenses necessary to use the possible material of third parties included in their work.

In this sense, participating artists, when entering into the competition, declare that they are legally authorised to transmit these rights to the extent stipulated, or that they have obtained the consent and all the necessary measures from third parties as demanded in the regulations that govern copyright, personal property rights or any other legal provisions, and that they are willing to provide proof of this at any time, if requested by the organisers.

The additional provisions with respect to the transmission of rights within the framework of agreements reached together with the participation in the Paseo Project programme competition, complement the rights transmitted but do not limit them in the absence of an express written agreement.

This agreement that draws up the participation terms in the Paseo Project programme governed by Spanish law with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, and all the regulations used as legal reference. The jurisdiction is Zaragoza (Spain).

The data of the participants in the competition will form part of the mailing file belonging to Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and of Etopia Center for Arts and Technology, and will be used to inform about its activities. They may exercise their rights of access, rectification and cancellation, by writing to the e-mail that will be enclosed in the relative mailing service.

Programme documentation

In order to document the Paseo Project programme, a catalogue will be published with all the artistic projects presented on the website.

By registering their projects into the competition, the artists assign the rights of the texts and images requested in the registration for use as catalogue material.

The organisation reserves the right to carry out the design, editing and printing deemed adequate with the materials supplied.

If the organisation should consider documenting the programme via a DVD or any other audiovisual material, the participants in the competition assign the non-exclusive rights of the images of their projects to be able to be used in this type of work. The organisation reserves the right about the editing and extension of these materials in the way it deems adequate.

The authors whose works appear in this documentation will be clearly identified in its credits. The organisation reserves the right to disseminate this audiovisual material through the means it deems appropriate: local, regional, national or international televisions, or diffusion over Internet channels.

For any kind of inquire about the contest’s rules, please send us a message to info@paseoproject.eu